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↗rebranding: knoll research library
← 2022.04
Rebranding (Miller) Knoll Research Library, intended for academic use only. 

*this video contains sounds

Music from Nocturnes, Op. 15, No. 2 in F Sharp Major  played by Arthur Rubinstein

Miller Knoll Logo.1
Miller Knoll Logo.2

↓ posters for the library

M.K.Poster 1
M.K.Poster 2

↓ merchandise application

*Tee and bag mockup created by rawpixel.com/Freepik
*Mug mockup created by Vectorium/Freepik


Transitional Logo:

communicating possibility of switching between 2D and 3D;

3D Logo:

potential of applying on any three dimensional / volumetric objects


↓ poster for k.talks*


Replaceable Text / Info: title, speaker and moderator, time
Reusable template provided

↓ covers for educational research* column paper

M.K.E.R Cover1M.K.E.R Cover2

Replaceable Text / Info: title and subtitle of the paper, background image  
Reusable template provided

*mockup created by Vectorium/Freepik

M.K.E.R Co.mo1M.K.E.R Co.mo2


M.K.E.R Co.3

↑ _Final Deliverables include:
1 Logo animation with sounds
1 Light logo 
3 Dark Logos for 2D, Transitional and 3D
Merchandize applications
Reproducible poster for the regular K.talks program
Reproducible covers for Educational Research column paper 
Posters for Research Library in general 

_Typeface: Helvetica
*All materials, including but not limited to images, event information and other Knoll-related texts, are taken from knoll.com (all rights reserved)

↖rebranding: knoll research library